Ephesoft Versions:

v3.1.2.x or higher


Batcfh Instances are stuck in the RESTART_IN_PROGRESS status and never gets restarted.

Root Cause:

You get these batch instances on occasions that get stuck in this state due to backend processes that take too long to close and do not allow the application to complete the restart operation.
This is a known issue and has been resolved in our latest versions of Ephesoft


When you need to delete a batch that s stuck is RESTART_IN_PROGRESS you need to alter the Record for that Batch Instance in the Database.
Please Run the following SQL command:

update batch_instance set batch_status=’ERROR’ where batch_status =’RESTART_IN_PROGRESS’;

Once the batch status has been changed you can then go into the UI and properly delete or restart the batch instance.

It is highly recommend that an upgrade be scheduled so you are no longer impacted by this issue.



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