Topic: FuzzyDB

Ephesoft Version: 3.0.x – 4.0.x


FuzzyDB and FuzzyDB Search is not extracting or displaying the DB results correctly. Only the first letter of each value in the DB record is being extracted or displayed.

The following screen displays the WebUI:



The following screen displays the Database Table:



Root cause:

Customer’s FuzzyDB database have some column with CHAR datatype. Even though the size of columns having CHAR datatype is defined as 50, CHAR datatype’s counterpart in Java can hold only one character.

Due to the inconsistency in ability of storing number of charters by database CHAR data type and Java CHAR data type, FuzzyDB result on RV screen is showing single character for columns having CHAR data type.


Ephesoft will require enhancements in its code base, and a solution will be developed. For the time being, the problem can be resolved by changing the CHAR data type with VARCHAR data type as a workaround.