KB00020677: Email Import Intermittently Failing

Applies to: Ephesoft Transact 2020.1.02 to 2020.1.03
Planned Resolution: 2020.1.04


Email import intermittently fails to pick up emails at random intervals. 

Root Cause

One reason this issue may occur is due to a conflict with the javax.mail-1.6.1.jar file.


If you require TLS 1.2, this workaround should not be applied, instead please contact support at tickets@ephesoft.com for help. Otherwise, the following workaround may resolve this issue:

  1. Stop Ephesoft Transact.
  2. Go to [Ephesoft_Directory]/Application/WEB-INF/lib.
  3. Make a backup copy of the javax.mail-1.6.1.jar file.
  4. Delete the original javax.mail-1.6.1.jar file from the lib folder.
  5. Start Ephesoft Transact.