KB00021599: No HOCR Content Generating in Linux

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If you are seeing an issue with all batch classes where on Review & Validate screen you are seeing a popup message “No HOCR Content Generated”  and on checking the HOCR.xml file in ephesoft-system folder for the batch instance you see the HOCR.xml file of 1kb was generated and no content inside the HOCR file.


Root Cause:
The root cause of the issue was a dependency on Nuance due to which it stops generating HOCR files. The dependent folder is on Ephesoft Installation Directory / Application / logs / nuance folder. If by mistake this nuance folder is deleted then Nuance will stop generating the HOCR file. 

Create this directory called “nuance” inside Ephesoft Installation Directory -> Application -> logs -> and restart the batches from Page Processing Module.
The above change is present in our 4.5 version release where in case this nuance folder is deleted by mistake then this will be automatically created.