RecoStar in Advance Barcode Reader option doesn’t read barcode less than equal to 6 characters in length.


As per our current implementation a temporary rsp file gets created with the property “length” that has a fix length of 6. As of now there is no configurable property for the same. We will be incorporating the same in v4510. As a workaround, customer can use Zxing & Bytescout that gives good results as tested with shared sample.

Properties of Temporary RSP File created during Barcode Processing using Recostar:

<BarCodeField Name=”barcode1″ Zone=”0 0 0 0 0 1″ NumberBarCodes=”50″ VerifyChecksum=”false” FixedLength=”false” Length=”6″ ImageQuality=”5″ SpotFilter=”NoFiltering” SearchOrder=”SmallMediumLarge” HorizontalBarCodes=”true” VerticalBarCodes=”false” SkewedBarCodes=”false” UserDefinedWidth=”0.00″ UserDefinedHeight=”0.00″ PassThroughID=”None”>
<_Flags Name=”BarCodeTypes” Code_3of9=”false” CODABAR=”false” I2of5=”false” A2of5=”false” Code_128=”true” Code_93=”false” Code_2of5=”false” UPC_A=”false” UPC_E=”false” EAN_13=”false” EAN_8=”false” POSTNET=”false” PDF417=”false” PATCH=”false” UCC128=”false” BCC32=”false” BC_39_NOSS=”false” BC_PLANET=”false” DataMatrix=”false” FourState=”false” Matrix_2of5=”false” Code_3of9_Extended=”false” Code_QR=”false” Aztec=”false”/>