KB00022418: Implementation Change in CMIS Export in Ephesoft 4500 may impact Alfresco rules

Applies to:
Ephesoft Transact 4500



CMIS Export



We came across an issue reported by one of our customer where they reported that the custom rules in Alfresco at their end didn’t work as expected with Ephesoft Transact 4500 when compared to Ephesoft Transact 4130
Their custom implementation at alfresco side used to rename the exported file name from Ephesoft to Alfresco to a new name using the values exported from index fields. At their end the rule used to kick in as soon as the file was uploaded on the alfresco folder.

So if you are experiencing some similar issues then kindly look into below changes made in Ephesoft 4500 with respect to CMIS Export.


Root Cause:
In Ephesoft Transact there is a change which was done as part of multi value support in CMIS. To support multi value support in v4.5, we need to identify that if the property of the Document in repository is multi value or not. So, unlike v4130, only the document is uploaded in the first attempt and after we receive information of the properties for being multi-value or not through the returned object, all the configured properties of the document are uploaded in the next step. So, in v4.5, uploading the document along with configured properties has become a two-step process due to multi-value support. This is change in behavior and not a bug.


Due to above implementation customer who reported the issue is facing a problem due to their custom implementation and expectation where they have some rules defined on alfresco side with which they are fetching the attribute values and renaming the document name.

One of the workaround can be to modify the rule to execute the script after few seconds when the document along with properties is uploaded.