KB00022436: Issue extracting text on dark background

If you have some samples where you are seeing Issues extracting text from fields having dark background.

Root Cause:
Recostar FPR.rsp file needs to be configured to add a parameter to avoid background colors. Please note that there may still be some background colors where you may still not see results after configuring FPR.rsp file. For such issues kindly raise a ticket with tickets@ephesoft.com and we can go to OpenText team to see if they can provide us some suggestions.


Please try below steps once:
Download dd file from here
  • Go to Ephesoft\SharedFolders\<<Batch Class Id >>\fixed-form-extraction and open FPR.rsp file. (You may have to register FPR.rsp to open with Recostar Design Studio located at D:\Ephesoft\Application\native\RecostarPlugin\RecoStarDesignStudio) 
  • Once this file is Open in Recostar Design Studio Program try below:
    • ​Download the attached tutelaLegale.dd file
    • In RSP file Go to Operator -> ImageProcessing 
    • Right Click on ColorFilterOperator and select Insert -> FilterBackGroundColors
    • Provide the complete path of the *.dd file manually
    • Click on File -> Save Project.
    • Restart the BI from Page Processing Module
Screenshots as below: