KB00022438: Common Mistake in CMIS Export document not uploading

Issue Description:

Despite CMIS Connection Correctly configured the document will still not upload to respective CMIS Repository when TIFF is selected as uploaded document.


Common Root Cause of the Issue:

The file not uploading to CMIS Repository can be due to a very basic common issue which is with respect to export configuration where you may be creating only PDF files and selected TIFF files to be uploaded to your CMIS Repository in CMIS_EXPORT configuration settings.

Since in Create_Multi_Page and Copy Batch XML plugin no TIFF’s were create there were nothing found to be uploaded to your CMIS Repository. 

Change the configuration to create respective format file (PDF / TIFF) in Create_Multi_Page and Copy Batch XML plugin and select the correct option in CMIS_EXPORT plugin for the file extension you would like to upload.