KB00026123: Increasing log file size and archived log files

Applies to: Ephesoft Transact v4.5.x.x

Topic/Category: Logging


By default, the size of the Ephesoft Transact log file is set to 2MB. Also by default, the maximum number of archived files is set to archive only the last 20 log files per day.

In some cases, the user may wish to increase one or both of these settings. This article describes how to increase the maximum log file size and the maximum number of archived log files per day.

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Ephesoft defines the log file size and the number of log files to be generated in the log4j.xml file. This file is located in the Ephesoft\Application folder.

Within this file, you can reconfigure the SizeBasedTriggeringPolicy size property and DefaultRolloverStrategy max property for the number of files you want to generate per day.

Please note that after you change these settings in the log4j.xml file, you must restart the Ephesoft service.

Default Values:

The following snapshot illustrates these default values:

The following snapshot illustrates how the log file size and number of archive files to be generated has been modified (increased in both cases):


Please note that increasing the log file size will increase number of I/O operations that are required to read, write and append the logs. If you must increase one or both of these values, ensure that you use a higher number only when there are abundant system resources for such increased processing requirements.