KBID: KB0008196


RecoStar Extraction

Applicable to:

All versions of Ephesoft


Sometimes when extracting reference numbers they will be a mix of letters and numbers and Ephesoft will pick up your string as all numbers or all letters.

Ex: Trying to capture reference number S012345 will be captured as 5012345.

Root Cause:

RecoStar LogicalContext



  1. Go into the relevant BC folder under \Ephesoft\SharedFolders.
  2. Go into the fixed-form-extraction folder.
  3. Open the FPR.rsp file in RecoStar Design Studio (\Ephesoft\Application\native\RecostarPlugin\RecoStarDesignStudio\RecoStarDesignStudio.exe)
  4. Select the text field and turn off logical context (see image below)
    1. The logical context modifier makes RecoStar assume that a letter among a string of numbers is out of place, so an S in the string will be read as a 5 as that makes more sense.



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