CMIS Export


Applicable to:

All versions of Ephesoft



When needing to export original files that are imported into Ephesoft or other file types (ex: DOC, XLS, XML), it is not clear in the settings how this can be accomplished.

The following solution has been provided to assist you with setting this up using the CMIS Export Plugin.


Root Cause:




In addition to pdf and tif files generated for classified documents, any type of document can be exported into Alfresco repository provided that alfresco supports that document type.
A document name matching regex expression BI[a-fA-F0-9]{1,}_DOC[0-9]{1,}.[a-zA-Z]{3,}$ and available in the batch instance folder in ephesoft-system-folder will be exported to alfresco repository along with other default documents.

Sample file names that will be exported are following.

Above format is applicable for recent release version(v3128).
Previous to that the format for export was different and as mentioned below:


If customer is ok with exporting table data in xml format, in such case customer can create a copy of batch.xml file in batch instance folder in ephesoft-system-folder with the help of scripting plugin and subsequently the batch.xml having all the dlf and table data will be exported to alfresco repository.
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