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Topic/Category: Scripting, Classification, Document Assembler, Web Services

Issue:  [ Only] Documents not getting classified for batch classes created with web api.


Batch documents were not getting classified due to lack of proper learning. While analysing the root cause we found that the reason of improper learning is copy document type web service api, which was not copying document type in correct manner.


Copy document type web service API which was the root cause of the problem, has been optimised to copy document type in proper manner.


Installation Steps:

1.       Stop Ephesoft server.

2.       Extract attached Solution into a temp location.

3.       Take backup and then delete dcma-data-access-*.jar from {Application_home}\WEB-INF\lib\* directory, if any available.

4.       Copy extracted dcma-data-access-3129_HOT_FIX_27_Apr_2015 jar file to {Application_home}\WEB-INF\lib\* directory.

5.       Start Ephesoft server.


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