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KB Article # 8592

Topic/Category: Security

Issue: Batch class “Import” button disabled, missing “System Config” tab


The user that is logged in is not being found to be part of the super admin group defined within Ephesoft.


The conditions for a super admin are the following:

The user must be a member of a group, say “Ephesoft_Admins” within a directory service (ie joe.smith is a member of group cn=Ephesoft_Admins, ou=groups, dc=ephesoft, dc=com).

Secondly, the group within the directory service, must be defined as super admin within Ephesoft application.properties (ie user.super_admin=Ephesoft_Admins).

Lastly, the super admin setting within application properties needs to be recorded in the ephesoft database “batch class groups” table.



There are several possible solutions:

Define the user as part of the super admin group in either ldap, tomcat or active directory. Verify that the user is part of the group using jxplorer(in case of ldap and active directory).

If the user is verified to be a member of the group, check application.properties to insure that group is defined as a super_admin. If not, set the super admin and set the super admin update flag to true. Restart ephesoft and check again for issue.


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