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Topic/Category: Installation, Active Directory

Issue: We installed active directory authentication, but we display only “Hi” in the upper right hand corner of batchclassmanagement page. We would like it to read “Hi XXXX” where xxxx is defined by an attribute in active directory. What are the instructions to accomplish this?


The value displayed next to Hi on Ephesoft is governed by a switch i.e. fullname.display in dcma-user-connectivity.property file available at {Ephesoft_home}\Application\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\dcma-user-connectivity\* directory. The switch has two values as 0 and 1. Following explains the behaviour to be observed on Ephesoft on selecting different value of switch.

fullname.display=0 => common name(cn) of user will be displayed next to Hi.

fullname.display=1 => full name of user will be displayed. Full name is generated by concatenating givenName, initials and sn attributes value of the user.


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