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KB Article # 9030

Topic/Category: Maria DB

Issue: [ Only] Upgrade Maria DB to 10.0.19 to Prevent Known Data Corruption Issues in 10.0.15


(UPDATE 8/4/2015) MariaDB when installed by ephesoft causes DB corruption if a power failure occurs. We recommend installing mariadb from https://mariadb.org/ and migrating the data from the ephesoftmariadb installed instance to the new one. Than pointing all database configuration information to this new instance.

The previous fix provided shows to have additional issues.

Maria DB 10.0.19 Bin Download

Installation Steps:

1. Stop Ephesoft server.

2. Stop Ephesoft Maria DB Service

3. Extract attached Solution into a temp location.

4. Take backup and then delete bin folder from [Ephesoft\Dependencies\mariadb] directory.

5. Copy extracted bin folder to [Ephesoft\Dependencies\mariadb] directory.

6. Start Ephesoft Maria DB Service server.

*If you already have corrupted maria db data files and are unable to start maria db, you may try this fix. Otherwise, there is no known fix after corruption.


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