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KBIS KB0009104

Topic/Category: Reports, Reporting

Issue: [] Unable to View Reports from Public Internet


The scenario is observed as host name does not get resolved aptly , this is usually observed because the request URL for reporting module is formed using the server information available in the server_registry table which contains the hostname for the server which is not resolvable. This is a known bug in 4020 and 4021.


1) If 4030 is not available, client machines needing access will manually need to create a local host file referencing the ephesoft server’s computer name and public ip address info. Alternatively, you can alter your internal network’s dns server with the information for intranet accessibility if your infrastructure supports doing so.
2) Upgrade to 4030 (SP1) when available (eta July 30 2015)
Documentation on the feature will be available in Ephesoft v release.
As part of solution, user needs to configure custom base URL in the host_uri_path field in the table reports_folder in the Ephesoft database. If a URL is specified in the host_uri_path field as <protocol>://<servername>:<port>, then configured base URL is used to generate a complete URL for a report or else the information available in the server_registry table is used.
Example SQL Update:

Update table report_folder set host_uri_path=’https://www.MyDomain.com’   (update as per your environment)



*Note : Make sure the host_uri_path column data does not contain / (slash) in the end as it may cause Reports to fail.

* Note: This issue is also reported to occur in , version. Updating the host_uri_path fix the issue.

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