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KB Article # 9150

Topic/Category: Workflow

Issue: In process Batch Instances Take Precedent Over New Batch Instances


In the case where resume and new cron pickup settings are equal, the assumption is that “in process” BI’s should be picked up first when making a decision between the two.This may cause a case where new BI’s do not have a chance to process.


Change the cron expressions here, either staggering them on the minute so there is a more of a chance of equal pickup. Or, if for instance new BIs are always coming in during business hours and the “manual processing” labor is not busy enough AND downstream processing time is unimportant – you could try setting the new pickup cron expression to work during business hours and the resume pickup time to occur after business hours; but, this should really only be done when you have perfect “review” and BIs only stop at “Validation”.


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