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KB Article # 9526

Topic/Category: Scripting, Classification, Document Assembler, Web Services

Ephesoft Version: 3x

Issue: Batch Instance Won’t Delete from Web UI


The BI may be locked by a process preventing deletion.


One of the two procedures should resolve the issue.

  1. Be sure BI is in ERROR state.
  2. Hard reboot servers in cluster
  3. Immediately try deleting from webui.

If this does not work, do the secondary procedure:

  1. Go into BI table and change status to REMOTE for the BI you wish to delete
  2. Hard reboot servers in cluster without starting ephesoft.
  3. Run the stored procedure specifically for BIs with REMOTE status:
  4. Delete remnant directories associated with BI from:
    ​C:\Ephesoft\SharedFolders\{the UNC path}
  5. Start ephesoft server



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