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KB ID Article KB0009607

Topic/Category: Document Assembler

Ephesoft Version: 4030

Issue: The new “DA File Name Boundary Classification” Feature Causes Review to Produce Single Page Docs.


We have devised a workaround that would set the DA File Name Boundary Classification property to UseDAGeneratedDocument for all existing batch classes and will also set the default value for any batch class that is imported.

Please follow the following steps to deploy the solution-

1. Stop the Ephesoft server and take a backup of the Ephesoft database.

2. Execute the following SQL query on the Ephesoft database (will work on both MSSQL and Maria DB)

use <ephesoftdb>;

update batch_class_plugin_config set plugin_config_value='UseDAGeneratedDocument'where plugin_config_id=(select id from plugin_config where config_name='da.file_name_boundary_classification');


3. Start the Ephesoft server



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