KB Article # 9628

Topic/Category: Scripting, Export

Ephesoft Transact Versions: Transact 4.x.x.x and 4.5.x.x

Issue: How to Export CSV (comma separated value) file or PSV (Pipe Separated Value)

Please note: By default, the output file for export is CSV (comma separated value). To change this export file to Pipe(|) Separated Value (PSV), modify lines 122 and 129 in the following file:

    • ScriptExport.java


The out-of-box CSV_FILE_CREATION_PLUGIN in Ephesoft Transact does not function in Transact and later software releases.

This document describes how to configure the CSV file for export in Ephesoft Transact and later releases.


The following script from Ephesoft creates individual CSV files for each document type:

  • ScriptExport_Generic_CSV_Export.zip

This file contains all data loading format (DLF) information, but not table extraction results.

This file exports to the following folder:

  • C:\Ephesoft\SharedFolders\csv-export-folder

Perform the following steps to configure the CSV file for export in Ephesoft Transact and later releases.

1. Download the ScriptExport_Generic_CSV_Export.zip file and extract ScriptExport_Generic_CSV_Export.java.

2. Rename the ScriptExport_Generic_CSV_Export.java file to ScriptExport.java.

3. Back up the existing ScriptExport.java file, located in the following location:

  • [SharedFolders\BCx\scripts]

4. Copy the new ScriptExport.java file (ScriptExport_Generic_CSV_Export.java) to the following location:

  • [SharedFolders\BCx\scripts]

5. Create the following folder if it does not exist:

  • [SharedFolders\csv-export-folder]

6. Add EXPORT_SCRIPTING_PLUGIN just before CLEANUP plugin in the Export module for the batch class.

7. Process a batch. Once the export process is complete, the exported file is available in the following location:

  • SharedFolders\csv-export-folder\