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Topic/Category: Folder Import

Ephesoft Version: 4x+

Issue: PDFs not converting to TIF. Libreoffice seems to be locking pdf with .lock file


When an Ephesoft node, say node A, has itself as the UNC folder path defined as \\nodeA\uncpath , it is creating a lock file that is interfering with Libreoffice and Foldermonitor operation – this is a Libreoffice/Windows file system issue.



There are several solutions to this when applied in a clustered scenario, say in a environment with nodes A, B, C.:

A) Decommision node A as ephesoft server and assign it as a nas drive only. Commission a new node D server as the 3rd Ephesoft node.
B) Leave node A, B and Bc as is. Redefine new BCs to reference a new UNC path(on an external nas or fileserver) that is external to node A, B, C.;EASIEST

C) Create a new share on external nas or fileserver to host SHAREDFOLDER path and UNC path. (i.)Reconfigure or (ii.)reinstall ephesoft(preferred) for node A, B, C to new external share ; C(ii.) CLEANEST



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