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KB Article # 9942

Topic/Category: Batch Class Performance

Ephesoft Version: 4.0.x versions and onward

Issue: Performance is an issue or BI does not complete. There are no errors in the logs.


The [Sharedfolder\ephesoft-system-folder] may be used to isolate the module in the workflow and/or page in the BI that may be causing an issue.


  1. View the subfolder for the BI in question within [Sharedfolder\ephesoft-system-folder].
  2. Sort Files by Time.
  3. In the example, each number represents a process within the workflow.
  4. You may use this information to understand where your BI is having an issue, whether it is a workflow module or a certain page that may be causing the issue.
    -Sometimes you will need to test by trial and error using a “removal of page” or test page via manual process execution to understand what is the root issue.

 Some questions to answer when doing analysis:

  • Is this a module issue or page issue?
  • Is a specific page causing a problem? What is different about this page from other’s preventing it from processing? What happens when I remove it and re-test?
  • Can I analyze the properties of these files, to see if it is a config issue?
  • What happens when I open these files in 3rd party software to analyze – resolution, color, bit depth? How do these properties differ from original UNC files?
  • Is my HOCR completing? Does the content for HOCR look correct?
  • What happens when I manually send these files through imagemagick at the command line – is it successful? Do I get an ERROR message?
  • If the problem is not a certain image, but a module, is there anything that can be configured differently?

In the example, the numbered sections represent the successful output during the following modules in the workflow: