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KB Article # 10023

Topic/Category: Advanced Reporting

Ephesoft Version: 4x

Issue: Reporting: Logi Debugger Trace Report : Invalid Object Name Not Working



Installation most likely not performed properly. Issue may be fixed by dropping Report table and recreating.


1.  Backup than when ready, Drop Report table.


2.  Recreate the databases with the following queries depending if you are using a mssql or mysql server. Check the queries to insure the database names are appropriate to step 1. The queries also have a credentials creation and association step. Depending on the db admins policies, you may or may not want to use these lines. The query will error out on these lines if the user credentials already exist on the system – this is ok if you understand this. Once the databases have been verified as created, verify that the previous credentials noted in step 1 are reassociated and/or recreated.



3.  Rename the serialized (*.ser) files so that database setup procedures can be performed{path}\Ephesoft\SharedFolders\database-update


BatchClassUpdate.ser-executed to BatchClassUpdate.ser
DependencyUpdate.ser-executed to DependencyUpdate.ser
PluginConfigUpdate.ser-executed to PluginConfigUpdate.ser
PluginUpdate.ser-executed to PluginUpdate.ser
ScannerConfigUpdate.ser-executed to ScannerConfigUpdate.ser


4.  Change configuration flags so that database setup procedures can be performed






 5.  Start Server


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