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KB Article # 10036

Topic/Category: Installation

Ephesoft Version: ALL

Issue: Computer Name(License Server) Resolving to Incorrect IP Address


Ephesoft validates license information partially by searching for the registered license server specified in the server_registry table of the database. You may need to utilize network troubleshooting methodologies on your server or dns to understand why the computer name is not resolving to the proper network card ip address.

Example solutions:

  • Self ping to computer name of a server results in response from a disconnected NIC in a dual-NIC system. To get ping to resolve to the connected NIC card, we had to disable the disconnected NIC from the Network Adapter manager.
  • Two servers had the same computer name and the license server was pinging to a server that was not designated to be the license server. The solution to this issue was to rename one of the computer’s to a unique name.
  • The license server was not registering it’s proper ip address with the company’s dns server. In this instance dns registration needed to be troubleshooted.
  • The license server had incorrectly cached computer name information that did not resolve properly. In this case, the dns cache locally would need to be flushed.
  • Ephesoft does not support ipv6 responses; in this case ipv6 needs to be disabled. https://ephesoft.com/docs/license-issue-with-ipv6


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