KB0010060 – Ephesoft sending RMI requests to non-Ephesoft servers on a network

Known Issue#: KB0010060

Topic/Category: network connectivity

Ephesoft version(s) Affected: Before

Issue: In a network environment with non-Ephesoft servers running java and Tomcat, if the multicastGroupAddress and the multicastGroupPort are set to default values on a non-Ephesoft server, you may see connection attempts in the non-Ephesoft server logs.

Root Cause: Most applications, including Ephesoft leave the defaults for these values of the RMI ehcache system out of convenience. This can cause to applications such as Ephesoft finding the open listening port on another server and attempting to communicate with it. Given that we would not share any packages, the connection fails, but it will leave requests in the logs of the other application.

Solution: Changing the multicastGroupAddress and the multicastGroupPort in Ephesoft will resolve the issue.

  1. In the file <Ephesoft install directory>\Application\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\dcma-data-access\dcma-ehcache.xml you will find the following values:<cacheManagerPeerProviderFactory
    properties=”peerDiscovery=automatic,multicastGroupAddress=,multicastGroupPort=4446″ />
  2. You will want to change the multicastGroupAddress to a value between to However this needs to match on all Ephesoft instances on the network
  3. You will also want to change the multicastGroupPort. This can be set to any unused port in windows, but again, it must be the same on all Ephesoft servers on the network.
  4. Restarting Ephesoft after making these changes is necessary.

Update: Starting with Ephesoft, these values will be set to non-default values out of the box so this issue will not appear anymore.

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