KB0010382 – Error: Unable to get value ‘Binary’ from database resultset

KB Article #: KB0010382

Topic/Category: Database

Applies to: All versions.

Issue: When going to Reports page, the page is directing the user back to homepage.

Root Cause: Upgrade process has failed due to some database constraints on reports table columns.


Please use the following tables:

Table Name | Column Name
dbo.finished_batch_instance | is_Remote
dbo.modified_batch_instance_advanced | is_Remote
dbo.modified_batch_instance | is_Remote

  1. Stop Ephesoft service.
  2. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Go to Ephesoft Reports database.
    • Open the dbo.xxxx -> Constraints folder.
    • Select the constraint named DF_<table_name>_<column_name>_xxxxxx. Right click and delete the constraint.
    • Repeat this for all tables mentioned above.
  3. Start Ephesoft service. Restarting Ephesoft will again try to execute the alter query to change data type.

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