KB0010382: Opening Reports Redirects to Home

Applies to: All version of Ephesoft Transact


When opening the Reports page, the page is automatically directed back to the Home page.

Root Cause

The upgrade process may have failed due to some database constraints on reports table columns.


Refer to the following tables for the steps listed below:

[Table Name | Column Name]
dbo.finished_batch_instance | is_Remote
dbo.modified_batch_instance_advanced | is_Remote
dbo.modified_batch_instance | is_Remote
  1. Stop Ephesoft Transact.
  2. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Go to the Ephesoft Reports database.
    1. Open the dbo.xxxx > Constraints folder.
    2. Select the constraint named DF_<table_name>_<column_name>_xxxxxx. Right-click and delete the constraint.
    3. Repeat this for all tables mentioned above.
  3. Start Ephesoft Transact. Ephesoft will try to execute the alter query again.