KB0010630 – Can’t see full text in Batch Class Field(s) drop-down box.

KB Article #: 10630

Topic/Category: Batch Upload

Ephesoft Version: v4.0.4.0

Issue: When Batch Class Fields(s) window popup in Batch Upload, can’t see the full text displayed in the drop-down box.

Solution: You can adjust the drop-down box by modifying the common.css file and setting the default width.

  1. Stop Ephesoft server.
  2. Take back up of common.css file located at {Ephesoft-Install-Dir}\Application\ directory.
  3. Search for below line in common.css file :
    .batchClassFieldsDialogWindow {
            width : 800px;
  4. Set width value as required and save the file.
  5. Start Ephesoft server.
  6. Clear the browser cache.

NOTE: This will only set DEFAULT width of batch class dialog box. If user changes the width (by resizing on browser) then dialog box will open with width set by customer.

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