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KB Article # 11317

Topic/Category: Validation

Ephesoft Version: Up to 4x

Issue: Validation: Extraction Value and Identified Coordinate Area Offset Do Not Align


Non-standard dpi attributes could be the cause of such an issue.


offset propeties


Typically Resolutions should be a 1:1 ratio

dpi correct


To correct the issue with these specific images, you could change the following in your image normalization parameters:
IMPORTMULTIPAGE_FILES: IM Convert Output Image Parameters: 


 -compress LZW -resample 200x200


Keep in mind that this command will affect all images, even the ones that already have correct dpi ratio; it may change server processing performance; and BI OCR/offset results. Be sure to work with your team to analyze the impact of these changes to insure acceptable results.

offset correction config


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