KB0012477 – CIFS and jNotify

KB Article #:12477


When you set up your UNC folders via CIFS on a NAS. Ephesoft doesn’t pick up any new batches. This is because of a limitation between jNotify and CIFS


  1. Turn off jNotify and enable cron job pickup.
    1. Go to /Application/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/dcma-folder-monitor/folder-monitor.properties
    2. Set foldermonitor.jnotify_switch=false
    3. Set foldermonitor.cronjob_expression to however often you wish to pick up new files Note: It is recommended to keep the cron as it is or keep it minimum one minute.
    4. Restart Ephesoft
  2. Create a Windows Share and use that for UNC files to keep jNotify enabled.

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