KB0013461 – Office 365 Cannot connect to webservice Sharepoint

KB Article #: 13461

Applies to: v4.0.6.0 and above.

The logs have an issue to log in to sharepoint at ephesoft.sharepoint.com. See error below: Windows Server 2012 2016-08-24 06:02:14,894 ERROR http-apr-8080-exec-2 com.ephesoft.gxt.admin.server.BatchClassManagementServiceImpl – Illegal Share point credentials.
com.ephesoft.dcma.sharepoint.export.exception.SPAuthorizationFailureException: Unauthorized Access to SharePoint Site

To test online Share Point Export feature user must have a valid share point account.
Since SharePoint account is paid feature, for the purpose of testing user can create a trail account of SharePoint.
Link to create a trial version SharePoint account is: https://products.office.com/en-us/business/compare-more-office-365-for-business-plans?legRedir=true&CorrelationId=0510e243-b28b-4527-94a3-daae0b82bca3

Trail SharePoint account is supported under Office 365 Enterprise E3 version.

Once the account is created follow the following steps to create the share point repository.
1. Navigate to Sites.
2. Under sites create a new site (This is sub web for the configured account). e.g.: Name to the sub web is SharePointTesting (Name of the Site).
3. Now create a new Document under the site created. e.g.: SpTesting (Name of the document). This will act as the relative folder path. (For the given scenario correct relative folder path will be: Shared Documents/SpTesting/).
4. Under the document on can create a column (Meta Data) to export the extracted values.

(Note the column we have used is with default configuration).
Once the SharePoint repository is created one can start with testing the SharePoint feature in Ephesoft.

(Prerequisites: The plugin has file creation dependency on CREATEMULTIPAGE_FILES i.e the files that can be exported under SharePoint is created by CREATEMULTIPAGE_FILES plugin).

Step by Step testing strategy
Node for SharePoint Export configuration must be added under the export module in the batch class.
This plugin has a dependency over COPY_BATCH_XML plugin, thus it should be present before this plugin.

By default, value of the switch for share point export is ON.


SHAREPOINT_365_EXPORT_PLUGIN has a child node name as configure where user can add, edit and delete the configurations for share point.ephe13461_2

ADD new Share Point Configuration

On click of Add button a new dialog window appears where the user can add new configurations for the selected Document Types configured in the Batch Class.

Once the document type is selected user can select the type of connection user wants to configure.
(NOTE: Connections are saved for the selected Batch Class; therefore, same connection can be used for multiple configurations.)

If the user is configuring very first connection in share point, they can select new connection radio button to enter the connection details.


After the user has entered correct connection details, if SharePoint servers are reached successfully then the subWeb configured at SharePoint is populated in the combo box.


User can select the Sub Web, where they want the file to be exported to SharePoint.
And then user can add the Relative Folder path manually and can select the files to be exported.
Once the complete valid details are provided, the user can fetch Metadata where the extracted values should be exported.


Now user can configure the Index Field present in Document Type against the MetaData returned by the SharePoint.

NOTE: The last view i.e. Mapping Metadata Configurations is not a mandatory view and if the user does not configure this view only files will be exported.

After all the details are provided user can save the details and the new entry will be reflected in the grid.
All the configurations by default are disabled. In order to export the files and details at least one of the configuration must be enabled.

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