Issue Identified in: Ephesoft Transact 4120

Problem (Restate correctly):

“Document_Type_Desc” option is not functioning on the Review screen.  This same property option is working as expected in the Validation screen.
When selected, the “Document_Type_Desc” option should display the document description instead of the default, document system name.  This Document Display Property option is present in both of the following plugins:

In the following example, the System Names end with ‘_NAME’.  The description for the same document end with a space character and ” DESC”.

Reproduction Steps:
  • Attached batch class is configured to stop in both Review and Validation module. (No documents trained, just pick one from document type drop down menu within review.)
  1. Create a new DescNameTest batch instance using any image.
  2. Within the Review screen, note the Document Type drop down menu only lists the document System Name (with underscore characters) not the description.




  • Within the Validation screen, note the Document Type drop down correctly lists the Description (has spaces and no underscores in the name).



  • If you are on Ephesoft Transact with no previous hot-fixes applied and do not wish to upgrade then you can download and apply the hot-fix from here (Deployment Instruction inside .abc file. Rename .abc to .zip)
  • If you can wait or upgrade then the issue is already resolved in 4121 and in 4.5 Release.