KB0019347 – SQL Express has 10 gigabytes limit which can cause issues with Ephesoft.

KB Article #: KB0019347

Topic/Category: Database

Issue: Customer has SQL Server Express edition installed which only has a 10 GB limit and is causing issues with Ephesoft.

Steps to take:

Following recommendations can be considered.

1. Customer need to make sure that the clean up is executing successfully, so that it can keep the mostly used table sizes in check. Please see link below on how to clean up the activiti tables and reporting service.

2. Customer can point the reporting-archive database to a different database server or can execute a script to take timely backup of the report_archive database and clear the report_archive database.

3. Customer can increase the frequency of reporting purge operation by modifying the cron dcma.report.purging.cronExpression in dcma-reporting.properties which is by default set to execute after every 3 months. If customer does not need reporting data on UI older than 1 week, then they can set the purging cron to execute every week end. This feature is only supported on Ephesoft v4.0.6.1 and above.

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