KB0020676 – Updating the Batch Name for a BI naming convention


Scripting, Batch instances

Applies to:

v4.0.x or higher



When creating a batch instance by uploading or scanning file in to ephesoft using the UI a certain naming convention is used.

However, when dropping a file in to a drop folder directly or using the email import functionality only a timestamp is used for the naming convention. There is no way to update or control this through normal functionality in the application.


Root Cause:

Custom naming is not supported through out of the box functionality.



Option #1 – Create script and update batch_name in batch_instance table. They will need to re-start batch from first module, re-start from first module will be required to update all module related xml files.

This should not create any issue, but still needs to be tested in a Dev environment before making any change to any production servers.

Option #2 – There is a property file that can be found in:


The property is:


When this is set to “on” any changes made to the batch XML will also be applied to the database. This should allow you to write a script that changes the batch name during processing.

Script Requirements:

  1. The Original folder name for the BI Batch Name must be updated with the correct name being updated.
  2. Update the batch.xml with the updated Batch Name in the batch.xml