KB0020805: Exception in breaking the input file. Byte array is not a valid JPEG-file

Applies to: Ephesoft Transact prior to


Batch Instances failing in folder import module with error message “Exception in breaking the input file. Byte array is not a valid JPEG-file” error in the logs


This issue was resolved in Ephesoft Transact
We have checked the provided files and after analyzing the same we can see that the file has a compression of JPEG. There is a known issue with ITEXT while converting JPEG and JPEG-2000 compression type. 
Figure 1. Details Page
The workaround is to use a TIF file with a size less than 15MB or to change the compression of these images from where they are getting originated. 

Additional Information

The conversion flow is as below:
  • If the file size of TIFF is greater than 15MB first it is converted to PDF file using ITEXT and then further pdf is processed using GhostScript/Recostar and resulting TIFF file is processed using ImageMagick whereas,
  • If the file size of TIFF less than 15MB it is processed directly using ImageMagick.
  • ITEXT is unable to process TIFF files with a compression type of JPEG/JPEG-2000.