Advanced Barcode Limitation Description:

There are some known limitations with Ephesoft Advanced Barcode Reader & Extraction where barcodes which are of degraded quality or if having some angle of orientation cannot be read in Ephesoft Transact versions.


As shown in the example above the Barcode is having some angle of orientation / skew angle which is currently not recognizable in Ephesoft. As per current framework ephesoft will only be able to read good quality barcodes which do not have and skew angle in them.


Good News !!

Majority of Currently known barcode related issues are fixed in Ephesoft 4.5 version. We have made excellent enhancements like barcode de-skew, perspective correction, Barcode Detection/Localization and Image Pre-Processing to even detect low quality barcodes.

In order to get all these features please upgrade to Ephesoft Transact 4.5 as we currently do not have such solution in place for existing 4.x versions.