KB0021072: Ephesoft Transact Document_Type_Desc option not working in Review Screen

Issue Identified in:

Ephesoft Transact 4120


Issue Description:

“Document_Type_Desc” option is not functioning on the Review screen.  This same property option is working as expected in the Validation screen.
When selected, the “Document_Type_Desc” option should display the document description instead of the default, document system name.  This Document Display Property option is present in both of the following plugins:

In the following example, the System Names end with ‘_NAME’.  The description for the same document end with a space character and ” DESC”.



  • If you are on Ephesoft Transact with no previous hot-fixes applied and do not wish to upgrade then you can download and apply the hot-fix from here (Deployment Instruction inside .abc file. Rename .abc to .zip)
  • If you can wait or upgrade then the issue is already resolved in 4121 and in 4.5 Release.