KB0021104 – Nuance Licensing Tool version 20.0 – Invalid license or engine License file not found

KB Article # 21104

Topic/Category:  Nuance Licensing tool 20.0

Applies to: v20.0


Failed to launch the FTE and getting “Invalid license or Engine License file not found” error.

Root Cause:

Nuance License for version 20.2 is incompatible with Nuance Licensing tool for version 20.0.


  1. Download the latest FTE 20.2 version.
  2. Transfer the file to the machine where the Nuance license was activated successfully.
  3. Login into the machine with local admin or account is equivalent to local admin to uninstall the FTE 20.0 version from Control Panel/add or remove program.
  4. Unzip the FTE for 20.2 file (Note: ensure there is no security block appear for the zip file or folder.)
  5. Click the setup.exe with proper account for the installation. (Remark: The existing license file has been activated still saved on your local machine. Reactivation of Nuance license is not necessary.)
  6. Launch the Nuance License Tool to ensure license is readable with error free.
  7. You should able to launch the Nuance Form Template Editor without any issue.