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Topic/Category: Sharepoint Office 365 Export
Issue: When configuring Sharepoint Office365 Cloud Export, the following message may be encountered: “Cannot reach web service right now…”


There are 2 details about sharepoint that should be checked: privileges and subsites
Regarding Privileges:
Insure account has global administration
Regarding subsites:
There are some limitations pre 4.5 versions of Transact which are enhanced in 4.5.
Below are the recommendations that needs to be followed in order to successfully export a document from Ephesoft to SharePoint 365:
  • In we need to have a “sub-site” rather than a site created on SharePoint 365. The “sub-site” needs to be created by clicking on the gear button on the top left corner and selecting “Site Contents” option from the drop down. Once the site content page loads,  Click on New -> “sub-site” and create a new “sub-site” and this will  be used as a sub-web in Ephesoft SharePoint configuration.
  • Once this “sub-site” is created, create a new folder under Documents. This will be the location where your documents will be uploaded from Ephesoft. Inside the document create necessary fields / columns which needs to be mapped with Ephesoft index fields.
Above is the configuration that needs to be setup at Sharepoint side.
Below are the points to consider for configuring the Ephesoft Sharepoint Plugin:
  • Enter the correct URL, username & password as mentioned in the below screenshot and click on connect.
  • Once you click on connect then Export Settings properties should be visible to you and Sub Web / Library option should be automatically populated with the Sub Sites you created in Sharepoint.
  • Select the correct “sub-site” from drop down and give the Relative folder path as per the below screenshot.
  • On clicking on fetch metadata you should be able to retrieve the Sharepoint Metadata / Column information. Proceed with Index Fields mapping with Sharepoint Metadata and save the changes.
  • Now run a batch in Ephesoft and see if document successfully exports to sharepoint or not.


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