KB00022471: Test Classification & Extraction Error

KB Article #: KB00022471
Topic/Category: Batch Class
Applies to: Prior to v4.5.0.2
Issue: When the user is using the document assembler script and tries to use the Test Classification / Test Extraction feature on Batch Class, the user is getting a pop-up error as seen below due to the script reading Document object passed in execute method and extracting batch details. When processing a batch, this works perfectly fine, but when using this feature on the batch class, user gets an error.
Root Cause: Value of BatchLocalPath property is passed as blank in the document object which is causing the issue in the user’s script as their script is dependent on file system operations.
If the user’s script has system-folder/BI dependent operations, then the user can remove the scripting plugin from the workflow while performing test classification & extraction.