KB Article #: KB00022530
Topic/Category: Folder Import module
Issue: This issue occurs with the PDF file that is produced during PDF-to-Tiff conversion. Blank documents are getting generated in the PDF.
• When using Recostar, the batch errors out in the Folder Import module.
• When using Ghostscript, the documents are blank.
There are some issues with the source PDF file, and it is failing with Recostar. Also, this issue can occur with the PDF file failing with Ghostscript v9.05, which is available in Ephesoft Transact v4.1.1.0. The issue is not reproducible with Ghostscript v9.22, which is available in Ephesoft v4.5.0.0.
As a solution, please correct the incoming PDF from the originating source, or upgrade to Transact Release 4.5.
When this error occurs, the Adobe tool also shows certain additional issues with the incoming (source) PDF file, as follows:
a. Font is not embedded
b. Required key is missing
c. Value for this key not an indirect object