KB00023359: Resolving report job failure when overwhelmed with data quantity

KB Article #: KB0023359
Topic/Category: Report
Applies to: v4.1.2.1 without Advanced Reporting
Issue: Report jobs fail when a large quantity data is processed at one time.
Please use the following hot-fix for Ephesoft Transact v4.1.2.1. To deploy the ktr files, please perform these steps:
  1. Shut down the server.
  1. Run the following SQL query in the report database and commit the changes. This query deletes unnecessary data from the report database.
  • delete from batch_instance where last_modified < (select last_execution_at from last_execution where job='BATCH_INSTANCE_LAST_UPDATE');
    delete from finished_batch_instance;
    delete from finished_batch_xml_data;
    delete from modified_batch_instance;
    delete from throughput_common_data where end_time < (select last_execution_at from last_execution where job='BATCH_INSTANCE_LAST_UPDATE');
    delete from throughput_common_module_data where end_time < (select last_execution_at from last_execution where job='BATCH_INSTANCE_LAST_UPDATE');
  1. Once you have successfully execute this query, place the attached files in below location:
  • {Ephesoft Installation Directory}\Application\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\dcma-reporting\Dashboard
  1. Restart the server.

Ephesoft can adjust the cron expressions for cleanup to run during non-working hours, or during a time when the load on the server is known not to be high.

This could be a dashboard job run in an interval of 4 hours.