KB00023379: Extraction Fields are not showing up in Validation after upgrade to

KB Article #: KB0023379
Topic/Category: Upgrade
Applies to: v4.1.3.0 (with no Hotfix already applied)
Issue: Extraction fields are not showing up in Validation screen.
Root Cause: The issue is derived from Field Fuzzy mapping in one of the document types.
To resolve this issue, please refer to the following hot-fix for Transact Release v4.1.3.0, and follow these steps:
  1. Stop the Ephesoft server.
  2. Extract the zip file (Solution_EPHE-19181_4130_091017.zip) into a temporary location.
  3. Go to [Ephesoft_home]\Application\WEB-INF\lib\* directory.
  4. Copy extracted dcma-gxt-core-EPHE-19181_4130_091017.jar to lib folder.
  5. Start the Ephesoft server.


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