Issue Description:

Batches failing in Folder import module due to PDF file produced in Word 2016.


Error Message:

Exception in breaking the input file. The command: “[gs, -dNOPAUSE, -r300, -sDEVICE=tiff24nc, -sCompression=lzw, -dBATCH, -dNumRenderingThreads=64, -sOutputFile=/ephesoft/ShareFolders/Encore_SG_v1/BC1F_ephesoft_17-01-201803_16_33/_pdf_processing_folder/1-%04d.tif, /ephesoft/ShareFolders/Encore_SG_v1/BC1F_ephesoft_17-01-201803_16_33/_pdf_and_tiff_backup/1.pdf] executing in the working directory: “/usr/local/bin” failed to execute successfully due to: Process execution Time-out


Please note that above Exception / Error Message may be due to some other error as well. The only way you can make sure that Folder Import module is failing due to file produced in Word 2016 is to execute the ghostscript command using command line: Reference wiki link


Correct Error Message:



Current version of Ghostscript doesn’t comply with PDF files produced using Microsoft Word 2016.


NOTE: Please note that these upgrade steps are only tested on LINUX Versions for Ephesoft Transact It is expected that customer is following the below steps if they are on similar environment. If not then this issue is fixed in Ephesoft Transact 4.5 and will need to wait for the resolution. It is expected that different engine will be used to create PDF files.

Current workaround for this version is to upgrade Ghostscript to version 9.22

Please find below steps to upgrade Ghostscript 9.22 on Linux environment.

Steps to upgrade Ghostscript –

  1. Download the ghostscript-9.22-linux-x86_64.tgz file Ghostscript AGPL Release  ( based on system 32bit/64 bit){}
  2. Extract and copy “gs-922-linux_x86_64”
  3. Rename file using following command:  mv gs-922-linux_x86_64 gs
  4. Give permissions to file as : chmod 755 gs
  5. Now check where the current Ghostscript is installed using command- Type gs
  6. Now rename existing Ghostscript using below command on path where current Ghostscript is installed: Mv  ${current_file_path}$ ${new_file_path}$
  7. Execute following command – ln -s  /path_where_new_gs_copied_with_file_name/   /path_where_current_gs_installed_with_file_name/

After upgrading GS restart the ephesoft service and restart the batch.