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Known Issue#: 9075

Topic/Category: FuzzyDB

Ephesoft version(s) Affected: 4.0.2.x

Issue: FuzzyDB could not be learned.

Root Cause: This issue was caused by previous DocumentTypes having been previously configured with mapped index fields. When the mapping for FuzzyDB was removed from these fields the selection of the RowID was still in place. This caused the failure to learn the database on DocumentTypes that were reconfigured and mapped using the FuzzyDB configuration.


Map at least one index field in the FuzzyDB configuration so you can learn the db.  You can possibly use a dummy field that is hidden in the UI to accomplish this without impacting regular KV extraction.

Action Items:
A feature request has been added so that the RowID can be removed or cleared in the FuzzyDB configuration under the DocumentTypes. No version of fix has been assigned to the roadmap yet.