Known Issue: Installation fails on Ubuntu 13.10 and 14.10

Known Issue#: EPHE-19798

Topic/Category: Installation

Ephesoft version(s) Affected: >

Issue: Installer fails on Ubuntu 13.10/14.10

After execution of the Ephesoft Transact installer-skript the following messages appear:

Updating the package list from repository, please wait…
Error occurred while updating packages from repositories. Please check your Internet connection.
Exiting from script…

Root Cause: Distributions are in end-of-life state. Source: Canonical

Solution: Use old-release repository

Do the following steps to use the old-release-repo on Ubuntu 13.10/14.10:

  • sudo nano edit /etc/apt/sources.list
  • uncomment every entry
  • write down your codename of your distribution (13.10: saucy ; 14.10: utopic)
  • paste this into the file:
    ## EOL upgrade sources.list
    # Required
    deb CODENAME main restricted universe multiverse
    deb CODENAME-updates main restricted universe multiverse
    deb CODENAME-security main restricted universe multiverse
    # Optional
    #deb CODENAME-backports main restricted universe multiverse
  • replace CODENAME with your codename from earlier
  • sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

After that you can execute the Transact installer and no error occurs.

Update: Solution is applicable on all Ubuntu out-of-life releases


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