KB0019505: Large Document Type Export Size

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Document Type Export

Applies to:

Ephesoft Transact 4.x


An issue is observed with document type export where size of the exported zip is doubled. For example: Original size of document type is 3.5 GB but once this document type is exported the size of the exported zip becomes 7GB or more.

Root Cause:

This issue is replicable on clicking export button multiple times or if somehow the exported document type folder is not deleted in SharedFolders\export-batch-folder.


For now as a work around customer can avoid clicking Export button multiple times for these heavy document types and can clean/verify in SharedFolders\export-batch-folder for the exported document type if not deleted.

We will be fixing this issue in v2019.1 where we could make Export button disable till the time Export starts and also delete the existing exported document type folder (if failed to get deleted) inside SharedFolders\export-batch-folder before the download starts.