KB0020305: Connection configured in Connection Manager with MSSQL Windows Authentication Gives Error

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Connection Manager UI


Applies to:

Transact 4.x versions



Creating a new MSSQL Windows Authentication based connection in Connection Manager fails to connects with the database when another instance of the same is configured in server.xml.


Root Cause:

The issue  happens when application tries to load ntlmaith.dll file which is already loaded by jtds driver during tomcat startup. Windows Server 2012 R2 2017-12-11 14:31:17,807 ERROR http-apr-8080-exec-2 com.ephesoft.gxt.systemconfig.server.SystemConfigServiceImpl – Unable to make connectionI/O Error: SSO Failed: Native SSPI library not loaded. Check the java.library.path system property.



This issue is resolved by removing the jtds jar file from Application -> Lib Folder and then restarting the ephesoft service.