Known Issue: Reports Logi Engine License Expiration

Known Issue: Reports Logi Engine License Expiration

Issue Description:

On Reports > Dashboard Reports, the following License File Note is displayed:

“License File Note: The Logi Info Server license file lgx110102.lic for this computer expires on 2018-03-13”.


Root Cause:

The issue described is a global issue and occurs due to Logi’s (a 3rd party tool) license expiring.


  • Please contact Support via to receive the new logi license file.
  • Extract the contents of the zip file provided.
  • Go to the <Ephesoft Installation Directory>\EphesoftReports\ folder, create a backup of the existing lgx110102.lic file (rename it and move to another directory), and delete the expired license file from the folder.
  • Copy the downloaded lgx110102.lic to the <Ephesoft Installation Directory>\EphesoftReports\ folder
  • Refresh Dashboard Reports

Update as of 6/14/2018: The new Logi license has been added in to the latest patch installer v.