Known Issue: SharePoint Configuration Error in Ephesoft Transact

Known Issue:

An error occurs when configuring the SHAREPOINT_365_EXPORT_PLUGIN that requires updated authentication.


Perform the following steps to create a new App password for your SharePoint account to configure the SHAREPOINT_365_EXPORT_PLUGIN in Ephesoft Transact.

  1. Navigate to your Office 365 My account page.

Figure 1. Office 365

  1. Select Manage security & privacy > Additional security verification.

Figure 2. Additional security verification Option

  1. Click Create and Manage app passwords

Figure 3. Security & privacy Screen

  1. Click Create.

Figure 4. Application Passwords Screen

  1. Enter a name for your app and click next.

Figure 5. App Name Example

  1. A generated password displays. Copy this password.

Note: The password will not display again after closing this window.

Figure 6. Generated Password Example

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint Configuration screen in Ephesoft Transact.
  2. Enter the connection details in the SharePoint Configuration screen along with the generated password from step 6.

Figure 7. Enter Generated Password from Office 365

You can now view the document libraries in your SharePoint site.

Figure 8. Export Settings Fields

Note: You can enter a specific SharePoint URL to filter the Document Library list to view specific document locations.

Figure 9. View the Document Library List