Known Issue – The Keyboard shortcut Ctrl Q is not working to it’s full functionality in

The shortcut key Ctrl Q blocks out the other fields in the validation screen and hinders the ability to edit them after using ctrl Q for the first time despite the value for the field is set to false in which is located in \Ephesoft_Installation_Directory\Application\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF.


Even after clearing the cache, the issue still persists.


Two different Workarounds Provided:

1. Use the CTRL+E with the ctrl_q_enable switch to false

2. Manually validate the fields using the mouse and UI options


Hotfix Provided:

Click here to download the hotfix:  HotFix_EPHE-22524_4501_25Jun2018

Steps to deploy:

1. Stop Ephesoft Server.
2. Extract the into a temporary location.
3. Go to [Ephesoft_home]\Application\WEB-INF\lib\HOT-FIXES\* directory.
4. Copy extracted dcma-gxt-review-validate-0.0.15-SNAPSHOT.jar and README.txt to HOT-FIXES directory.
5. Restart the server.